Vantage Vulture Generation 3- Size 8m2 (Limited edition space grey)
Vantage Vulture Generation 3- Size 8m2 (Limited edition space grey)
Vantage Vulture Generation 3- Size 8m2 (Limited edition space grey)

Vantage Vulture Generation 3- Size 8m2 (Limited edition space grey)

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What we like- 


Introducing Vantage's most exciting kite to date. The new Vulture Gen3 is completely redesigned, utilizing unique aerospace design techniques combined with the involvement of over 500 development riders worldwide.

Our data-driven design method enabled us to analyze & optimize over 300 wingtip variations, over 200 arch-designs, and countless air-foil profiles, resulting in a fast steering kite that provides extreme lift and exciting kite loop performance.

Relatively new to the market, and also from the Netherlands, Vantage Kites are a serious contender in the kite market. The first data-driven kites in the market, with each kite having gone through rigorous testing and aerospace design engineering to develop their 3rd generation vulture 3. These kites have incredible wind range and versatility between foiling, loops, and big air. This 3 strut Kite looks great and performs well in the air. The result of aerospace engineering.




Outperform in freeride- The new Vulture is developed for performance freeride and big air. The kite provides linear power and keeps you riding comfortably in a huge wind range.


  • Break Big Air Records- Vulture Gen 3 provides exciting lift and hangtime. Lighter steering and increased response allow you to perfectly time all your take-offs. Break your big air records with ease.

  • Elevate your kite loops- The new arch design and integrated aileron-X struts result in a responsive kite with a smaller turning radius. Kiteloop big with a guaranteed safe catch.

  • Accelerate in Foiling- The Vulture generates plenty of power for lighter winds. Its low drag profile allows you to ride upwind and fast easily. The controllable lift enables you to improve tacks and gibes.




    Item Includes- 

    Kite, Bag, Repair Kit.


    • High Flow One pump
    • High Flow Valve 
    • Integrated load frame for optimized structural stiffness and a solid & Bombproof airframe.
    • Tejin X3 Canopy- The Canopy is Laser Cut and assembled with extreme precision using the industry's premium and highly durable Tejin X3 fabrics. 
    • Dual Layered Trailing Edge - The new updated dual-layered inlet trailing-edge design reduces oscillation by 28%, optimising the durability of your vulture.
    • X3 Seam Reinforced- The triple-seam reinforced leading edge has relocated resulting in extra arch stiffness and providing optimal rigidity and durability.


    • Canopy- Teijin X3
    • Leading Edge- Teijin
    • Bridle- Dyneema
    • Inflate- High flow

    Available Sizes-



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